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Alternative Payment Solution for Medical Marijuana Merchant

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Best Point of Banking can offer merchant accounts to legal medical marijuana dispensaries in the United States. We have a solution for both brick and mortar dispensaries and delivery services.

With our Point of Banking solution, 100 percent of our Medical Marijuana Merchant accounts are approved within 2 business days from the time we receive your merchant application. Accepting credit cards, check cards, and ATM cards is crucial in today’s business environment no matter what type of business you operate. At Best Point of Banking we feel that we have found the best and most reliable credit card processing solution for this industry. Historically, the medical marijuana business has been primarily a cash-based business. Legal dispensaries though out the United States have found it difficult to establish a merchant account. In most cases they find that they are paying a very high discount rate in excess of 5% to be able to accept credit and debit cards.

Point of Banking System is designed to work with your patient’s PIN based Credit, Debit, and ATM Cards. Giving them access to their cash and allowing them to spend more inside your dispensary. Point of Banking equipment is similar to standard credit card processing equipment. The difference is the terminal is loaded with a custom software program that runs the transactions on ATM Networks. This also allows us to charge a small convenience fee that the cardholder pays. This fee serves to pay for the processing costs incurred, that way there are no processing fees to the merchant!

Not everyone qualifies for or carries credit cards with them. In fact, over 80 million consumers cannot qualify for a credit card, so they rely on their ATM cards.


  • Eliminate Processing Fees: Merchant pays no discount rate
  • Contract: Month to Month No Long Term Contract
  • Automatic Approval:We Want Your Business, Your Account is PRE-APROVED
  • Safer PIN-Based Transactions: Eliminates Costly Charge-Backs
  • Funds: Electronically Deposited into Your Bank Account via Direct Deposit


 A Solution for Both Brick and Mortar Dispensaries and Delivery Services.

The Safe Way to Make a Donation

Based on the immediate money transfer between two parties, PaySafe Solutions brings to the market the PaySafe Toggle to complete those transactions.

Why “toggle” because PaySafe Is not limited like so many other payment devices. The product allows you to “toggle” your account on and off, all while keeping your recurring and Internet based payments active. And the funds are transferred in the near real time. So whether you are a merchant looking to confirm a donation or a consumer looking to make sure only he funds you wish are being transferred, the PaySafe Solutions program makes sure you have the security you need and the technology you want to make all of your payments effortless.

 There is even the ability to move payments between individuals giving everyone the ability to move money safely and quickly without the hassle and security risk of carrying large amounts of cash

 PaySafe Solutions brings to the market a unique and secure alternate payment product. This is based on immediate transaction capabilities and the ability for both parties to see (in real time) the transaction taking place. No other solution gives you the security of real time funds transfer or the technology to see the transaction

 Built on a stable leading edge technology the PaySafe Solutionsand the product give consumer a wide range of ways to pay from mobile smart phone enabled,web sites and traditional card based acceptance. 


  • No Interchange Fees
  • You Receive Your Funds in Real time.
  • Virtually  fraud proof. NO MORE CHARGE BACK.
  • No Monthly minimums
  • You can accept fund from ANY CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD OR Bank Account to Your Account 24 Hours a Day
  • Set Up is SIMPLE  and FAST and Usually takes minutes.   

 Join the revolution of security and the technology with PaySafe Solutions


If you want to increase your bottom line with a point-of-banking system, and you are looking for an honest, trustworthy partner that can provide you with a solution then Contact us at (877) 892-8304